HA 06

Fisher Hat

HA 06 Fisher Hat
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Color Grey

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  • HA 06 // Vanilla
    Vanilla / Coated Twill Cotton
  • HA 06 // Grey
    Grey / Coated Twill Cotton
  • HA 06 // Moka
    Moka / Coated Twill Cotton
  • HA 06 // Black
    Black / Coated Twill Cotton


Made in m0851's classic (VTA) Talmigo cotton, a resin-coated fabric presents water-repellent characteristics, good for light rain. Ajustment bungee cord on the back. m0851's signature Piumi lining; 100% made in Canada with imported raw materials.

Material information

About Talmigo

m0851’s Talmigo is our signature all weather fabric, woven with 100% Cotton yards, dyed and finished in Italy. The garment is brushed cotton twill, coated with 3 layers of Polyurethane pigment color resins to create water resistant fabric. It is then dried in a water softener solution to create a softer touch. A performance Teflon coating applied on the lining inside the jackets adds to the technicality, making them dry quicker and extra water repellant.


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