PO 75

Small Round Pouch with Hook

PO 75 Small Round Pouch with Hook
Sku AKIPO751401999
Color Marble White

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  • PO 75 // Brown
    Brown / Kingdom
  • PO 75 // Marble White
    Marble White / Kingdom
  • PO 75 // Mineral
    Mineral / Kingdom


Made in Kingdom leather. Metalic zipper. Removable leather strap with hook. Lined with our signature Piumi lining


8,5 cm x 7,5 cm x 3 cm

Material information

About Kingdom Leather

Kingdom Leather is an Italian full grain bovine leather, aniline dyed with a deep lustre. m0851’s Kingdom leather is produced by a highly qualified Italian tannery, established in 1967, with a “Gold Rated” environmental performance.

Aniline dye is a colorless, nontoxic water based liquid obtained from the organic synthesis of resins. The dye penetrates through the full grain leather, preserving its original surface with all natural markings and characteristics, leaving the rich feel of the leather intact. The surface is smooth while keeping its natural lustre and markings. 


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