CL 68

Elephant Key Ring

CL 68 Elephant Key Ring
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Color Tan

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  • CL 68 // Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli / Watersuede
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    Clay / Montana Leather
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    Black / Montana Leather
  • CL 68 // Tan
    Tan / Montana Leather
  • CL 68 // Coconut
    Coconut / Watersuede
  • CL 68 // Brown Sugar
    Brown Sugar / Watersuede
  • CL 68 // Sequoia
    Sequoia / Watersuede
  • CL 68 // Menthe poivrée
    Menthe poivrée / Watersuede
  • CL 68 // Rose Water
    Rose Water / Watersuede


Elephant Key Ring made of Montana leather. Features a metalic key ring and hook. Can be used to carry your keys or be attached to your bag as decoration.


5 cm x 4 cm

Material information

About Montana Leather

Montana is a semi-aniline dyed, full-grain bovine leather, engineered to acquire a smooth and refined surface with a perfect balance of pliability and durability. The natural sheen on the surface is obtained by wax polish, which will allow Montana leather to soften and acquire a beautiful surface patina with time and wear.

Montana leather is produced by an award-winning European tannery based in the Netherlands established in 1985. We share their passion for raw material and design and their highly progressive approach to innovation. Montana leather has been in the collection for nearly 5 years. It is only used to produce bags and accessories exclusively. 


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