PO 61

Small pouch

PO 61 Small pouch
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Color Chestnut

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  • PO 61 // Chestnut
    Chestnut / Matador Leather


Small pouch in Matador leather


11 cm x 8 cm

Material information

About Matador Leather

Matador is full-grain bovine leather with a pebbled finish which gives it its uniquely rugged look. The leather has been quality chrome dyed for color consistency, then milled and tumble-dried, showcasing the natural markings and grain of the hide. Matador leather has a pebbled finish that is polished with wax, giving it a slight luster and a pebble-tipped vintage effect. It really represents the full allure of full-grain bovine leather that is easily wearable and ages charmingly, gaining a lustrous patina that adds to its original character.

Care and maintenance

We recommend that you occasionally apply a leather protector such as m0851’s water-based leather cleaner and protector, which will offer a shield from unwanted markings and spills. Wipe the leather every so often with a damp cloth to clean it, revitalize it and revive its color. To rub off any stains, work or rub the area gently. Matador leather, like most leathers should never be spot-cleaned; it is better to clean a whole section at once to avoid water or stain markings.

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Care and Maintenance Page.

Matador Leather


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