07 50

Moto Jacket

07 50 Moto Jacket
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  • 07 50 // Black
    Black / Mitti Leather
  • 07 50 // Brown
    Brown / Mitti Leather
  • 07 50 // Ink
    Ink / Mitti Leather

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795.00 $
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The men's four pocket structure jacket has a fitted yet straight shape that will flatter a men's silhouette. The details such as the zippers on the pockets or the seams on the arms give this jacket a distinctive and edgy look. A mao collar closing with a snap adds to the classic moto look.

Leather care

About Mitti Leather

m0851’s Mitti Leather is offered in a small line of leather jackets for men and women made from full-grain washed lamb manufactured in India, according to a process exclusive to m0851. Lamb 'Mitti' is a name derived from the Hindi language word 'Mitti' which means from the Earth-dust. This is a natural vegetable tanned product which is eco-friendly and has been processed in such a way to give a natural feel to the leather. The garments are made and then washed and tumbled to maintain its softness and vegetable handle and thus give its vintage look too.

Care and maintenance

We recommend that you occasionally apply a leather protector such as m0851’s water-based leather protector, to minimize any color transfer and to protect the leather. Wipe the leather every so often with a damp cloth to clean it, revitalizes it and revive its color. This leather may be dry cleaned byprofessional leather cleaner, but only if absolutely necessary. Lambskin is not as thick and robust as bovine leathers; it is therefore highly recommended that the fit be adequate and not too tight – this will prevent any rips or tears in high stress areas.

Learn more on the
Care and Maintenance Page.

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