We are a Montreal-based company that designs and manufactures leather bags, accessories, jackets and outerwear. The brand’s inherent charm comes from our approach to Design – anchored in a combination of sleek and functional aesthetics, coupled with high-end raw materials sourced around the world. “From the Purity of our Designs emanates simplicity, vitality and contemporary science.” Innovation is born from experimentation at m0851. Trial and error are an intrinsic part of life, and new products are more often than not the result of these experiments.

Life is a continual search for equilibrium. Our brand identity has always been rooted in a combination of enthusiasm and know-how, one theory on striking a balance between charm and functionality.



m0851 (formerly known as Rugby North America) has constructed and enriched a matrix of styles, applied to a wide array of rich leathers and fabrics. The result is an authentic range of locally manufactured products that together, contribute to the creation of the m0851 lifestyle, which attracts free spirits, free thinkers - people with a strong personal self-image in search of products that will become an extension of their identity - instead of the other way around.




At m0851, creation happens in an atmosphere permeated with freedom of expression, where the creative spirit transcends traditional boundaries to construct all aspects of our lifestyle brand. Our body of work includes architectural spaces, product design and furniture, and our creativity embraces all the elements of a unique and all-encompassing universe.

The company’s humanist philosophy, like its products, shies away from artifice of any kind. It is a product’s natural characteristics that, allowed to shine through, make it distinctive. Like good wine, m0851 leathers get better with age, more supple, a real extension of their owner’s unique personality. Whether it is lightweight cabin friendly travel gear, discreetly elegant and functional city bags and accessories, understated buttery leather jackets or four-season outerwear, m0851 approaches every product with the same passion and enthusiasm – aiming to provide its fans with products that suit their active, multi-facetted lifestyle.

In addition to product, every aspect of our concept stores is thought out in-house. We produce our own furnishings and lay out every individual space in such a way as to create a complete customer experience and reflect our brand values.



All m0851 products are designed in Montreal, and over 90% of them are entirely conceived and crafted in our Montreal workshops. Since the beginning, we have voluntarily chosen to privilege local production, despite the challenges. As a result of this choice, we make full use of the outstanding talents of our artisans and maintain full control over the quality of our products at every stage of the manufacturing process.



m0851 is constantly sourcing quality raw materials around the world. Whether it’s full grain leather, high-tech fabrics, silk, cashmere, wood or metal, our criteria for selecting new raw materials are simple but stringent: innovation, authenticity, superior quality and, of course, charm. We strive to buy our leathers and fabrics from equitable and eco-conscious sources even at a higher cost.

Over its 30 years of existence, m0851 has positioned itself quite naturally as a creative design house of international repute with friends and fans in many places. Today, m0851 caters to a diverse clientele in 16 concept boutiques located around the world in places such as Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, New York, Tokyo, Osaka, and Beijing. We also distribute our collections through a select network of retailers in 35 countries.




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