In the event of a mishap outside the warranty period, as an added value to its customers, m0851 offers a Repair Service. This service is offered by m0851 upon request and is not free of charge. Repair charges are based on the extent of the damage and are determined individually. Customer is responsible for shipping costs.


For European citizens, please note that customs will ask the proof of payment of taxes and customs on your original purchase. If you do not have this proof of payment, customs may require you to pay the duties again. These fees are not refundable by m0851.


Please note that m0851 grants repair services only if repair is feasible according to the following guidelines. m0851 has to:

- Be able to bring the product back to being functional while respecting brand aesthetics;

- Make sure the necessary spare parts for the repair are available;

- Make sure that the damaged article has not been subject to misuse or attempted repair.


To request our repair service, please bring the damaged article to an m0851 boutique. One of our Brand Ambassadors will check repair feasibility. Upon agreement, the damaged article will be sent to the m0851 Head Office for repair. 

If you cannot, for any reason, bring the article into an m0851 boutique; please get in touch with our Customer Service department at Our representatives will assist you in finding a solution to the issue at hand.


Please make sure the item is freshly washed and all pockets are emptied entirely to help our artisans to proceed with the repair with ease. 


Our repair service does not include cleaning and reconditionning. For more information on care and maintenance of m0851 products, please refer to the ''Leather Care Guide'' section of the website.


Steps your product goes through at our repair center

We ask that customers who wish to take advantage of our Repair Service understand that just like there is a process by which we manufacture our products, there is also a process by which we repair damaged products. Both processes are driven by the care and effort we put into every single one of our products - hence the delays that may vary from 2-6 weeks according to your specific case.


Whether the prescribed period to complete the work is 2, 4 or 6 weeks, each damaged item goes through the same steps:

1. The damaged item is transferred from the Point of sale to our Repair Center in Montreal.

2. Upon arrival at the Repair Center, The damaged item then goes through our Quality Control to assess the extent of the damage and the feasibility of the repair. This includes ascertaining whether or not we have the hardware appropriate for this particular product.

3. A Customer Care representative will contact you with the cost and delays associated with your particular repair. At this stage, if the repair is not feasible, the damaged item will be returned to our Customer Care representative who will contact you and send the item back.

4. If we have the appropriate hardware in stock, it is requisitioned and dispatched, along with the damaged product, to the trained artisan specialized in the type of work required to complete the repair on your item.

5. If we do not have the appropriate hardware in stock because the product is several years old, our Quality Control team will ascertain whether it is still possible to order the spare parts from the supplier. Such orders may take anywhere from 2-8 weeks depending on the item, and will cause additional delays in the process. It may also happen that the original hardware is no longer available, in which case we attempt to suggest an alternative whenever possible. However, please note that hardware availability may cause us to refuse a repair on the grounds that we cannot do the work and remain true to the product’s original design.

6. Once the repair work has been completed, the item goes back to Quality Control, where the quality of the work is judged.

7. If your request came from one of our boutiques, the repaired item is transferred back there, upon which time one of our Brand Ambassadors will contact you for a pick up.

8. If the repair request was made directly through our Customer Service Department, one of our Customer Care representatives will contact you to process payment and the repaired item will be shipped back to you. Payment can be made through a e-invoice, either by credit card or PayPal.



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